Creative Classroom Storage Solutions

Hi there! Just a quick note today to let you know about my guest post on the Who's Who and Who's New blog. I shared a ton of creative classroom storage solutions, all that can be created on a budget.

One idea that I shared was to use milk crates as bench seats. I know this is a popular Pinterest project but I wanted to also share with you how I solved a common crate seat problem. In my classroom we have slippery floors, especially after they wax over the summer. Last year I got tired of my seats slipping around the room and was worried about my kids' safety. 

My genius moment occurred the other day when I realized I had non-slip jar openers (like a rubbery fabric) in my Fidget/Sensory box. I bought the 4 pack at Dollar Tree a few months ago and it worked well as a textural fidget for my students who needed it. I simply hot glued the grip to the bottom of the crates and it worked like a charm! No more scratching up the floor or worrying about my kids sliding their way around the room. It really is the little things that make my teacher heart happy! Hope it can help you as well. Don't forget to check out my guest post with over a dozen storage solutions and organizational ideas.

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