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Have you heard the news? Teachers Pay Teachers is having a huge site wide sale on Monday and Tuesday this week. My store, K's Classroom Kreations will be 20% off, plus if you use the code CYBER2016 you will get an additional 10% off!

If you're anything like me, the searching process for the best products and deals can take forever! Who has that kind of time during the week? So, I've linked up with Daisy Designs and several other sellers to share with you our most wish listed, must have, rock your world products! Simply fill your carts now and purchase when you have a few minutes Monday or Tuesday!

My Highlight & Record Bundle is by far the most wish listed item in my next top 4 are the individual units! More importantly, they are the most requested word work activity in my own first grade classroom...nothing says success more than a 6 year old's approval!

What is it?
The Highlight and Record series is a set of phonics/fluency pages designed for K-2 students, intervention groups, and ELL students. Students search for a specific spelling pattern/word family at both the sentence level and story level. Some pages focus on individual sounds while others allow students to search and sort sounds.  
This bundle includes all 4 individual products (Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Blends/Digraphs, and R-Controlled Vowels), along with any sets added in the future. Here is an example from the Short Vowel Set.

Why is it a must have?
- Easy to use- Just find the spelling pattern you are working on and print!

- Easy to differentiate- I print a variety of pages for each of my spelling groups based on their needs (short vowels, blends, digraphs, long vowels, etc.)

- Engaging! My kids go bananas for using a highlighter! Seriously....

- Meaningful practice- Rather than just memorize a list of spelling words, students can find the spelling pattern in context.

My next most commonly wish listed item is my Munchin' on Missing Punctuation literacy center.
                                                 What is it?
This literacy station comes with pre-made sentences on the shape of potato chips. Simply print the chips (and store in a Pringles container if you want) and have students decide if the sentences need a period or question mark. I like to have my students sort them into mini bowls or onto labeled paper plates. Blackline chips are also included to print onto colored paper if you prefer.

                                      Why is it a must have?
If your students are anything like mine, they ALWAYS seem to forget to use punctuation marks. When they do, it's not necessarily the correct one. This FUN game gives them the practice they need while having a good time. Plus, who doesn't like chips? ;)

Finally, my third most commonly wish listed item is my Popcorn Counting to 120 Math Center.

                                                What is it?
This math center was designed for first grade students and uses numbers up to 120. However, K-2 students can use it based on their needs. Simply print the popcorn and popcorn box pieces for an easy math center. Students match the fill in the blank boxes with the missing popcorn pieces to practice counting, ordering numbers, number recognition, and more!

                                      Why is it a must have?
Counting is such a foundational skill! Rather than constantly drilling, allow your students to have some fun with this popcorn themed game. I store my pieces in a popcorn box for even more excitement. This is just of my counting games which can now be found in a year long bundle, including a winter version!

For more great ideas and top wish listed items be sure to visit Daisy Designs and see the full link up. I hope you have your shopping carts ready! I am off to go fill my own :)

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