Dry Erase Hacks for the Classroom

Hello! Wondering what else you can add to your shopping list? How about Dry Erase Tape (or rolls of the contact paper). It is one of my FAVORITE classroom materials and so easy to use. 

Today I rounded up a few must try ideas for your classroom. 
Links are included to make shopping a breeze. Please know that when you purchase from these links I do make some money to help run the blog, at no additional cost to you. See my full discloser statement for more details. Most importantly, I'll only share products I use and love :)

1) Label, Label, Label
Cut strips of Dry Erase Tape to whatever size you need. Add labels to storage boxes, drawers, or shelves. You can easily switch out what you write on each one. I like to use Vis-a-Vis markers rather than dry erase on it so it lasts longer. The dry erase tape also comes in a few different colors which is awesome!

2) Filing Cabinets
I covered the sides of my old rusty cabinet using a roll of self adhesive Dry Erase Contact Paper. Now I can quickly jot a note, etc. as needed. If you have space in your room for your students to be on either side of it, you can also allow them to use it as a word work center or writing surface.

3) Cover your guided reading table (or any table!)
I covered my entire kidney table with a roll of contact paper. I recommend having a friend help you because smoothing out the bubbles takes a bit of work. I left the paper on my table all year long without it peeling up. It did look a bit scratched near the end, but was so worth it! My kids loved having so much space to write. 

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4) Table Spots
If you don't want to cover your whole table, you can also just create small spots like First Grade Fingerprints does. So cute!

5) Games
Use can use dry erase tape to change out words, numbers, vocabulary etc. depending on what you are working on. I know my kids would love this hopscotch idea from The Mitten State Teacher and sight word stacking from OG Tutor. Creating a block tower, like Simple as 1-2-3, is also such a fun idea! The possibilities are endless. 

6) Notes and Inspiration
Place a strip of tape on each child's desk for easy access like Blooming with Mrs. Flores does. As the teacher, you can write encouraging notes for your students, especially on test days or when you know they need that extra boost. Students could also quickly jot down the answer to a question without having to take out large white boards. 

What are your favorite Dry Erase hacks for your classroom?

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