All I Want For Black Friday Linky

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful to be home today and enjoying time with friends, family, and good food.

I don't know about you...but I have a really hard time resisting a good sale. Which means... I do love Black Friday shopping (from the comfort of my PJs and safety of my bed)!

I was so excited when I discovered The Primary Pack's Black Friday Wishlist Linky and can not tell you how much time I have spent reading what other teachers are most interested in. I also have less trouble justifying classroom purchases than personal ones, so we'll see what which wish list wins!

Here are some of my personal wish list items:
Gray Boots- I have been searching for the perfect gray boot for years. I even tried these on in advance at the store so I would be ready to purchase online. Best part? $19.99! Yes please-these are a must!

Tieks- I have heard so many wonderful reviews of these shoes that my teacher feet would love to give them a try! Definite wish list item.

Wireless Mouse- I am in the process of creating a new home office (read: tiny desk in the corner of my tiny living room) and would love to have a new mouse to help with creating all of my lessons and products. Plus, my crampy hands could use a change too from the laptop.

Michaels Gift Card- I'll admit it. I'm a craft store addict! I can't help but love all of the decorations, card making supplies, and other goodies.

Now, on to my classroom wish list!
In addition to some more wiggle seats for my fidgety friends, I've stacked up quite the list at TPT. Here are a few items:

The teacher-author in me would love to add to some borders to my collection, especially from Graphics From the Pond. I also have a Flip Book Template from Danielle Knight that I think would be fun to create with on my list.

As a first grade teacher I would love Primarily Speaking's Common Core Language Assessments. There are so many language standards to teach that it would be nice to have assessments all in one place. I have also had my eye on this Interactive Notebook (K-2) for Social Studies from First Grade Centers and More for months. Let's be honest, we don't always get as much time to teach Social Studies as other subjects so having something meaningful and engaging is a must!

Looking for ideas to add to your wish list? Here are some of the most often wish listed items from my store, as well as some seasonal favorites:

Highlight & Record Series: My Highlight & Record series is a huge hit in my classroom because it gives students an opportunity to work with word patterns at the sentence and story level...all while using a highlighter. Win win! The bundle, along with each individual item make up the majority of my most wish listed items. Also, I'll let you in on a secret- I am going to be adding additional products to the series and they will automatically be added to the bundle upon completion. The gift that keeps on giving :)

Popcorn Counting to 120: This simple math center is an easy way to practice counting skills along with reading and writing numbers. My kiddos love when I store the pieces in popcorn boxes. I strongly believe in math centers because when my kids are having fun they don't seem to even notice that they are learning!

Addition & Subtraction Year Long Bundle- Students always seem to need more practice with word problems! This bundle has seasonal themes as well as generic topics to help cover the skill throughout the year. These problems work great for centers (many task card sets have optional QR codes for self checking), homework/whole group (variety of problems, recording sheets, and open ended problems), and for differentiating (skills begin with numbers up to 10 in the beginning of the year and move to 20). The unknowns are also in all positions (sum, difference, missing addends, start unknown, etc). These word problem cards are always in my mix of math stations for my kids each month.

Gingerbread Math Centers- Last but not least, one of my favorite items in my store is my Gingerbread Math Center unit. I have a slight Gingerbread obsession (over 25 different versions of the book) and really wanted Common Core aligned math centers to use with the theme. This unit is one of the favorites in my classroom and includes 8 different games for a variety of skills. I can not wait to bust out these centers in a week or two!

Woo! That was fun. I am off to check out some other wish lists on the Primary Pack's linky and see what's happening with their HUGE giveaway. I should also probably start making my Thanksgiving feast! I hope you have a wonderful day and Happy Thanksgiving (and Black Friday shopping!).

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